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Our Services


Individual Coaching

  • One-on-one individual coaching.
  • Four packages to choose from
  • A session can range from one hour to one hour 15 minutes
  • Individual sessions can be booked any time during the week, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • More than one session per week can be arranged.

Coaching fees per session are available on request.



Group Coaching

  • School teams or a group of cricketers can benefit.
  • Groups can range from 4 to 12 players.
  • A session ranges from  one hour and 30 minutes ton two hours depending on the size of the group.
  • Group sessions can be booked any time during the week.

Coaching fees per session are available on request.



Cricket Camps / Holiday Clinics

  • These clinics are scheduled during school holidays and open for anyone to attend.
  • These clinics / camps include matches
  • These camps are structured to imitate a Test match played at international level.
  • There are 3 sessions per day with drinks-, lunch- and tea breaks.
  • These camps will cover every aspects of cricket such as various skills, batting, bowling fielding, wicket-keeping and fitness programs.
  • These camps are not limited to the Pretoria area.

The price is subject to the size of the group, age group, location and season.



Skills Workshop

  • Skills includes hand-eye-co-ordination, visualization, mental preparation, agility, fitness, speed and injury prevention.
  • These workshops are not limited to cricket players but are beneficial to other sports as well.
  • We also have workshops for specific skills eg. Batting, Bowling, fielding and Wicketkeeping

Price available on request.



PitchVision Analysis

  • Bowling Analysis software

Price available on request.




Playing Matches

  • For players who only wants to play more matches during the year
  • Teams for every age group
  • Yearly package

Price available on request.



Indoor Cricket coaching

  • Coaching  available on request.
  • Beneficial for Individuals and Groups.
  • Cricket camps can also be arranged.

Price negotiable  depending on size of group.