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Annatjie Wiid and Dylan Labuschagne

I have been coached by Alex vd Merwe for almost a year now.  Before I received coaching with Alex, I had no structural technique. Now I can play the drive, the pull, the cut and  I can  bowl pretty precise . Alex has helped me tremendously. Just the way he coaches is awesome, he has an amazing love for cricket and a passion for coaching which makes him an even better coach. He knows what he is doing and he is a fun person to be with. I would definitely recommend Alex as a cricket coach. 

Dylan’s father died when he was only 3. What he learned about cricket he had to learn at school. His lack of  technique caused frustration and lack of confidence. Dylan has received private coaching before, but there was always something lacking.  I saw an immediate improvement from the moment Alex started coaching Dylan. Alex does not just have a passion for cricket, he is a terrific coach and great with kids. Dylan’s confidence has developed in leaps and bounds as his technique improved and with that came a positive attitude towards the game. Thank you Alex!