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Rovonne de Lange – South Africa Boys u/16 A Indoor Cricket Manager

I had the privilege to be the manager of the U/16 Boys A-team who participated in the Action Cricket World Series during October. Alex van der Merwe was the assistant coach of the team. It was an honour to work with Alex. He is a pleasant and positive person with great team spirit. He has a friendly nature and easy to work with.

Alex’s coaching abilities is of superior quality, working exceptionally well with the younger kids. He made it his business to get to know each and every one of the boys, to know their strengths and weaknesses, their ability under pressure and he worked with each of them individually on their own level. They knew exactly what Alex and the head coach expected from them.

The boys have so much respect for Alex. Although he can be playful and value the fact that they are still young and should have fun, he commanded discipline and commitment from each of them when on the court and when practicing, motivating to be the best they can be and teaching then about good sportsmanship. The team members felt comfortable discussing anything with Alex – from personal issues to cricket rules and techniques- as he listened to them and answered them honestly.

Alex has a passion for the sport, coaches with the same passion and putting 100% effort in. He knows the rules, the techniques and the coaching techniques so well that his coaching is of top quality.I will recommend Alex for coaching of any team or individual player.

Alex, passion, cricket and coaching is intertwined.