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About Us

The GAW Cricket Academy was established in 2012 by Gert de Beer and Alex van der Merwe, two passionate cricketers with the skills to coach players to be the best they can be, motivate teams to high successes and create their own passion for the game.

GAW is the acronym for “GOD at WORK” and we are proud and blessed to have the opportunity to develop the God-given talents of the very young to great successes, having a career in cricket and reaching the ultimate goal of representing the country as Protea player.

All GAW coaches are handpicked for their passion for the game, coaching abilities, knowledge and love for children.  They all have CSA (Cricket South Africa) and some even have SAICF (South Africa Indoor Cricket Federation) qualifications. The coaches attend workshops where they are taught the essential cricket skills and teaching principles that we believe make for qualified coaches. They are updated with the latest techniques and information. Coaches are evaluated regularly to ensure best coaching techniques are given to players at all times.

We, at GAW, believe in building team spirit and winning teams for each player to reach individual excellence. We treat all players equal and give every player the best opportunities we can offer.

We love the game of cricket …

–        For the pure joy of accomplishment

–        For everything it can teach us about ourselves

–        For the life skills that we can learn

–        For the feeling of belonging to a group endeavouring to do its best

–        For being involved in a team with the same goals and where team members urge each on to do his best

–        For the challenge of working harder and being more committed

–        Because it takes all team members to give the game life

–        Because at its best, the game tradition will include your contribution

–        Because we belong to a long line of fine athletes who love the game

–        Because it is a game with amazing legends.

GAW offers individual- and group coaching sessions, coaching of teams, coaching workshops and cricket clinics during school holidays.

The majority of the coaches have solid Indoor Cricket experience, playing for Northern Gauteng and playing or coaching SA teams.

Our coaching concentrates on Batting techniques, Advanced conventional and improvisational skills, concentration, focusing and visualization.

Our Bowling techniques include biomechanics, visualization, applying strategies and area bowling.

Fielding includes positions, agility and skills, conditioning, co-ordination, wicket keeping and catching in the various slip positions.

Fitness programs, speed performance programs, strength, conditioning, nutrition, injury prevention, building an innings at the various stages of the game and mental preparation on all aspects of the game are as important as the cricketer’s skills.

Video analysis assists the coaches to address specific problem areas.

Young cricketers are taught life- and self-motivational skills to remain focus on their long-term goals and remain committed even after failure.

GAW Cricket Academy is currently involved at Laerskool Elarduspark, where we manage and run their cricket academy, private coaching at Laerskool Pretoria-Oos and Harlequins Cricket Club.